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Hello, I'm Liza Benabbas, a passionate UI/UX designer with a background in psychology research and healthcare. Growing up in the vibrant Bay Area, I was immersed in art, diverse cultures, and innovative technologies, sparking my curiosity to learn people’s stories and explore art in technology. My journey into UI/UX began as a quest to merge these passions, crafting digital solutions that resonate with users intuitively.

With a blend of creativity, empathy, and technical skills, I strive to design interfaces that not only look aesthetic but also function smoothly. I believe in the power of research-driven design to uncover user insights and create impactful experiences. My goal is to leverage technology to bridge gaps, foster inclusivity, and make everyday interactions delightful and intuitive.

Outside of work, you can find me exploring nature trails, bouldering, beachcombing, expanding my music playlist, or face painting at events.✨

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